About us

Australian Asexuals was founded by members of the Sydney asexual social group as a way to represent asexuality at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. We wanted to be inclusive so people from other states felt welcome to join, as well as being inclusive to any asexuals watching the march.

Many publications and broadcasts identify the broader community as LGBTQI, while leaving off the A or + that is often attached within the community. We aim to remind everyone that although asexuality could fall under the queer banner, we feel we are a large enough and unique enough group to be acknowledged in our own right, both in the acronym and in general conversation about sexual diversity. Under The Same Umbrella incorporates our idea that asexuality should be viewed as equally legitimate as any other gender or sexuality falling under the umbrella of diversity.

We also hope to connect the wider Australian asexual community together, and linking communication within the smaller groups around the country.

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